Move With Caution

Move With Caution

29-06-2015 12:06:06pm

Hollywood-style explosions, toxic gas, corrosive cocktails - All the things you want to AVOID come moving day!

I was having a chat with a sole-operator furniture removalist a while back. He shared a scary story about a lapse in judgement that could have cost him his life. One of his clients wanted a gas bottle transported as part of his move. It was not empty. The client had to be out of his house that day and the move was only over a short distance. So the removalist agreed that he would load it, but would have to empty the remaining gas first. In an outdoor area, he began to release the gas but hadn't noticed a nearby hot water heater. When the gas came into contact with the pilot light from the heater it ignited, causing a huge fireball that singed hair from the removalists head, face and arms. It could have been much, much worse.

Packing anything explosive, corrosive or otherwise hazardous can be illegal and can result in damage, serious injury or death.This is a reminder to stop, take a second and think about what you pack and whether or not it is hazardous to you, your furniture removalists, or anything inside the truck. Safety needs to be everyones responsibility.

Avoid Packing

  • Gas bottles for barbeques;
  • Fuel and oil from mowers and other gardening equipment;
  • Paint thinners;
  • Methylated spirits;
  • Alcohol;
  • Chemistry sets;
  • Pool cleaning chemicals;
  • Weed killers;
  • Lamp oils;
  • Car batteries;
  • Airosols;
  • Lighter fluids;
  • Acids;
  • Fireworks;
  • Anything that is combustible, explosive, corrosive or poisonous.

Other Dangerous Items

Think carefully when you're packing sharp objects like scissors, knives and tools. Make sure they're:

  • Packaged securely;
  • Fuel and oil from mowers and other gardening equipment;
  • clearly labelled;
  • not going to cause injury to you or your furniture removalists;
  • Not going to damage any other items in the load;

There are countless other hazardous items that you should be mindful of when you're packing. Too many to list here. So we can only urge you to make safety a priority when you're preparing for your furniture removal.

Lastly - always remember to keep a First-Aid Kit handy throughout your move.

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